About ESV

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria.

Our role is broad and ranges from overseeing the design, construction and maintenance of electricity, gas and pipeline networks across the state to ensuring every gas and electrical appliance in your home meets safety and energy efficiency standards before it is sold.

We have a team of investigators who probe gas and electrical safety issues in homes and businesses across the state, and run various community education campaigns alerting Victorians to potential dangers with energy. Our annual campaigns include Look up and Live, BBQ safety and awareness about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning from gas appliances.

We also licence and register electricians, and issue and audit Certificates of Electrical Safety, which is your guarantee that electrical work has been performed by a qualified electrician.

ESV is led by the Director of Energy Safety (Director), who is appointed under the Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005. This Act is administered by the Minister for Industry, Energy and Resources, Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio. The Director is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ESV.


Legal responsibilities and powers in ESV are arranged in a single stream. This is:

  • The Director is responsible for:
    • the objectives of ESV and the performance of its functions and exercise its powers in such a manner as it considers best achieves its objectives as specified in the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Gas Safety Act 1997 and any other Act;
    • promoting the efficient, effective and ethical use of ESV's resources in accordance with the Director's obligations under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1994 (FMA Act);
      • to improve financial administration of the public sector;
      • to make better provision for the accountability of the public sector; and
      • to provide for annual reporting to the Parliament by departments and public sector bodies.

Consistent with section 8 of the FMA Act and Ministerial Direction 2.2, the Director has established the Audit and Risk Committee (Committee), to assist in the discharging his responsibilities.

Audit and Risk Committee

ESV's Committee oversees and reviews the processes of management and the internal and external audit functions with a view to assisting the Director in achieving his governance responsibilities.

The Committee's role is to assist the Director and in the discharge of responsibilities for risk management, financial reporting, compliance, internal control systems, audit activities and any other matters referred to him, by the Minister or the Government. Click HERE to see the Audit and Risk Committee Charter.


Mr Robert Scott

Since graduating from Melbourne University in 1964 as an electrical engineer, Bob has worked in the energy industry in various roles. He spent 30 years with the former SECV, followed by five years as the retail general manager of Eastern Energy. In 2002 he accepted a five-year, part-time role as a Commissioner with the Essential Services Commission. He also works as a consultant and has acted as an arbitrator in a commercial contract dispute in Vanuatu's electricity industry.


Dr Anne Astin PSM

Anne is a former CEO of Dairy Food Safety Victoria and has held a number of senior executive and management positions in the Victorian public sector. She is Chair of Australia and New Zealand's Ministerial Forum of Food Regulators Implementation Sub-committee (ISC), Chair of Wellsprings for Women Inc, a not-for-profit organisation that provides integration and training programs to isolated women, and a Director of Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd. She has also held Directorships at Dairy Australia and the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.

Ms Joh Barker

A certified practising accountant, Johanna (Joh) Barker has been an executive with ANZ Ltd since 2004 with responsibility for a number of departments including risk and performance management across both infrastructure and innovation. Prior to this she held senior roles with leading IT and consulting firms including IBM. Since 2007, Joh has been the Chair of the Royal Showgrounds Joint Venture. For more than 20 years she has been contributing her expertise in business, finance, auditing and risk in both the private and public domain - including executive director for SMS Ltd and independent member of several state and commonwealth committees, including the Victorian Government Shared Services Advisory Board, the North East Catchment Management Authority and risk audit and finance committees across a number of government departments.

Mr Steve Schinck

Steve has 35 years' experience within the Victorian Public Service including the last 16 years as a senior director with the Department of Treasury and Finance. Steve has experience in financial management, policy reform, corporate planning and governance, human resource strategy, risk management and audit. Steve is a member of the Treasury and Finance audit committee, a Board Member and Treasurer of Manningham Community Health Services Ltd and a member of the Old Treasury Reserve Building Committee of Management. Steve holds a business degree with majors in accounting and economics.


The Audit & Risk Committee Charter outlines the Committee's mission, roles and responsibilities, and the Committee's direction. 

Corporate structure and management responsibilities

Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon

  • Executive direction and leadership of Energy Safe Victoria
  • Exercise of powers under The Act

Mr Fearon was appointed Victoria's Director of Energy Safety and CEO of Energy Safe Victoria by the Minister for Energy for a term of five years in November 2009. He was reappointed by the Minister for a further term of five years in February 2015.

From 2003-09 Mr Fearon was Chief Executive Officer of the Essential Services Commission (ESC) and prior to that worked in the energy industry for 23 years, holding senior executive roles in regulation and strategy, business development and commercial operations for CitiPower, Electricity Services Victoria and the SECV, including a period of secondment to government as Energy Advisor.

In 2003 Mr Fearon was awarded a Centenary Medal by the Australian Government for services to the industry through major structural reform.

Mr Fearon holds bachelor degrees in arts (public administration & politics) and business (economics & accounting), a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of CPA Australia, Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors and Victorian Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Deputy Director and Gas and Pipeline Infrastructure Safety Executive Manager, Graeme Cook

  • Emergency Management
  • Gas infrastructure
  • Licensed pipelines
  • Electrolysis mitigation
  • Information technology

Policy and Strategy Executive Manager, Dr Roanne Allan

  • Business planning and strategy
  • Legal/legislation
  • Prosecutions
  • ESV risk management
  • National harmonisation
  • Compliance and Enforcement Policy
  • Complaints

Electrical Infrastructure Safety Executive Manager, Andrew Last

  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Infrastructure standards 

Electrical Installations, Licensing and Equipment Safety Executive Manager, Neil Fraser

  • Electrical installations and equipment standards
  • Electrical equipment approvals
  • Electrical equipment point of sale audits
  • Energy efficiency of electrical equipment
  • Approvals and point of sale audits
  • Electrical installation inspections
  • Licensed electrical worker audits
  • Certificates of Electrical Safety Administration
  • Investigations
  • Industry training
  • Competency
  • Licensing
  • Registration

Gas Installations and Appliance Safety Executive Manager, Paul Bonsak

  • Gas installations
  • Gas installation standards
  • Safety inspections and approvals for major events
  • Safety audits of Type B gas appliances
  • Energy efficiency ratings of gas appliances
  • Audits of retailers of gas appliances
  • Investigations  

Chief Financial Officer, Doug Bolam

  • Finance and administration  

Media and Communications Executive Manager, Sharon Rainsbury

  • Community education and communications
  • Media
  • Publications including brochures
  • Industry communications
  • Energysafe magazine  

Human Resources Executive Manager, Jana Vihm

  • Human resources
  • Training
  • Recruitment  

Our mission

We protect and assist the community by:

  • working co-operatively and in consultation with the industry and community to facilitate safety outcomes
  • developing and communicating safety and efficiency requirements and programs
  • monitoring, auditing, and enforcing compliance with the requirements
  • administering licensing, registration and approval systems that maintain safety standards and skills

Our vision

Victoria will be a state where the community, industry and regulators share a strong commitment to the safe and efficient supply and use of electricity and gas. There is a similar commitment for pipeline safety.

To ensure their safety, the community and industry will demand that work involving electricity and gas is carried out only by workers who are skilled and appropriately trained. The industry workforce will have numbers sufficient to deliver community requirements into the future.

ESV will be nationally respected and recognised as a leader in safety regulation that facilitates safety and efficiency outcomes through strong communication and consultation, clear regulation, and fair audit and enforcement activities. These activities will be carried out by a highly skilled, professional and adaptable regulatory team who are leaders in their field, and are able to explain their actions and decisions.

Safety and efficiency will be delivered within a framework that is cost effective and fair for all parties. This framework will be consistently and openly communicated to the community and industry.

This will create a safer state for the benefit of all Victorians.

Our values

At ESV the following core values are expected from all our team and these values are expressed in our day to day actions, decisions and interactions with others.


We treat all staff and stakeholders with respect. We:

  • acknowledge the diversity of opinions, experience and skills of those with whom we interact
  • work to create and maintain a non threatening and positive workplace environment
  • actively listen and recognise that others may have a contribution to make
  • treat all internal and external stakeholders with respect and endeavour to earn their respect.


We will always act with integrity. We:

  • behave in an open and honest way with all internal and external stakeholders
  • act impartially and without bias
  • uphold the values, and ensure others uphold the values, of ESV at all times.


We work cooperatively together with internal and external colleagues, stakeholders and customers to achieve ESV's objectives. We:

  • develop, maintain and continuously work to improve partnerships with both internal and external colleagues, stakeholders and customers
  • lead by example when interacting in partnership with others
  • recognise that the team's strength is built on the contribution of all our stakeholders
  • look for new and improved ways to develop our relationships with our stakeholders.


We are accountable for all of our actions. We:

  • take full responsibility for all our actions
  • achieve our goals and outcomes within agreed and appropriate time frames
  • take responsibility for ensuring appropriate levels of knowledge, skills and abilities at ESV
  • We communicate appropriately with all internal and external stakeholders.