Undertaking the Licensed Electrician's Assessment

If you are an existing licence holder, you are able to undertake the LEA, without referring the enquiry to ESV.  You will need to make contact with Epic Training Board or NMIT.

It is only once your licence has expired, you are seeking to re-enter the electrical trade or from overseas, that ESV are required to provide approval. 

If you are currently an apprentice and/or attending TAFE to finalise your requirements, you need to speak to your teachers about obtaining LEA Authorisation.

Should you require ESV to provide you with approval to undertake the LEA, in order to do so, please provide your trade certificate, an overview as to why you are now making the request to licensing@esv.vic.gov.au in order for Licensing Team to review your request.

Special Consideration Agreement

Energy Safe Victoria have agreed to the attached policy in relation to Special Consideration for the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment, in conjunction with EPIC Training Board.

We have agreed that the following procedure must be undertaken prior to authorisation for Special Consideration of 30 minutes to be granted as additional time for the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (Theory) (LET) component to be completed.

1.    You must have attempted the LET at least once and failed

2.    Your failure result must be at least 50% or more

3.    As the Applicant you must speak with your TAFE Teachers about the difficulty you are/will experience

4.    As the Applicant it is recommended that you undertake the Tutorial Course for the LEA

5.    As the Applicant you need to request a Paper Review of the latest exam if you have attempted the LEA previously

6.    Applicants must demonstrate a one-2-one interview with an assessor to review the latest exams

In relation to Medical Grounds and other special arrangements the attached agreement confirms that assistance such as scribes, interpreters, one to one assessments may incur additional costs, and are to be arranged by the applicant directly at their own expense, in conjunction with your school services.

Accordingly, please refer to the detailed agreement here.