Water and electricity

Water and electricity do not mix. Follow these simple tips to ensure the safe use of electrical appliances near water and the safety of your family:

  • Never use any electrical appliance near water
  • Never touch anything electrical with wet hands or bare feet
  • Never leave an electrical appliance where it can fall into the bath or basin
  • Never leave an electrical appliance unattended around children
  • Switch off and unplug all portable electric appliances, such as hairdryers, hair straighteners, shavers, etc after use
  • Do not use portable heaters in bathroom areas - use a strip heater installed high on the wall or a ceiling unit installed by a registered electrical contractor
  • Use extreme care when using electrical appliances near sinks, baths or swimming pools
  • If an electrical appliance has been immersed in water it must be disposed of immediately
  • Do not use extension leads or power leads in wet areas - unless they are specifically designed for that purpose
  • It is safe practice to wear rubber or plastic soled shoes when using electrical appliances in laundries, on concrete floors or out of doors - many victims of serious and fatal electrical accidents are barefooted