Gas safety in the home

On the following pages, ESV provides important information and tips to follow for maintaining and using gas appliances safely in the home.

Carbon monoxide - the silent killer

Get brick chimneys and gas heaters checked this winter to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Energy Safe Victoria is urging all Victorians with gas heaters built into brick chimneys to have them tested for carbon monoxide spillage before winter. This includes space and room heaters and decorative log fires.

While brick chimneys are designed to safely remove combustion products from the home, they can deteriorate over time. Any holes in the mortar or brick work may stop the chimney drawing properly. If the fault is significant, it may create back pressure and push toxic carbon monoxide into living areas.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless gas that can be produced by faulty, unserviced gas heaters and it can be fatal.

In the past decade nine Victorians have died from carbon monoxide poisoning, including brothers Chase and Tyler Robinson who died in their Mooroopna home in May 2010.

Financial assistance for the replacement of open flued instantaneous gas water heaters

ESV is offering a grant of $500, to contribute to the cost of replacing open flued instantaneous gas water heaters, installed in a toilet or a bathroom in the home.

The use of these water heaters in a confined living space can expose occupants to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

This grant is open to Aged Pension card holders and Healthcare card holders only.

Please complete the Application for Assistance Form and send to ESV for processing.