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Annual report released

ESV's 2014-15 Annual Report was tabled in Parliament on 6 October. CLICK HERE to read it.

Electricity network performance reports 

ESV and the AER have recently published independent reports on the performance of the electricity distribution businesses.

CLICK HERE to read ESV's report.

CLICK HERE to read the AER's annual benchmarking report.   


Information Sheet 3: Fire-resistant board

As a result of an ongoing investigation into fire resistant material, ESV has removed information sheet 3 from this website. Plumbers and gasfitters intending to use fire-resistant material to protect combustible surfaces should seek written confirmation from the manufacturer/supplier that the material meets the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.

Cannon Fitzroy and Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters safety alert

A safety alert has been issued relating to Cannon Fitzroy and Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009.

Laboratory testing suggests that it may be possible that Cannon Fitzroy or Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009 under AGA Approval 6118 could produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide if the heater is subjected to certain conditions, including the operation of rangehoods and other exhaust fans.  This risk may be increased if the inbuilt heater has not been installed properly, or if it has not been serviced regularly, or if your house is tightly sealed.

The build date and AGA Approval number of the heater appear on the heater’s ratings label, which is located within the lower fan chamber, and which a suitably qualified person can access by removing the lower fascia panel of the heater.

If you think you have one of these inbuilt gas heaters, you should not use it until you have had it checked by an authorised Cannon service technician to ensure that the operation of exhaust fans or the installation of the heater does not affect the safety of your heater.  You or your technician should call Cannon on 1800 035 410  with any questions or concerns.

CLICK HERE for further information

Rooming house gas safety checklist

ESV has released a comprehensive gas safety checklist for rooming houses.

Gasfitters can click HERE for further information. 

Mandatory recall notice issued for Ecables branded power cable

ESV has issued a mandatory recall notice to Ecables Pty Ltd for copper clad aluminium (CCA) power cable with RE110 insulation supplied since 2011. ESV and Ecables are in the process of finalising the recall strategy to be actioned in 2015.

The recall notice relates to all sizes and configurations of power cable with RE110 insulation, which includes all SDI sizes 10mm2 - 630mm2 and multicore 6mm2 - 50mm2.

For further information click here.

National database of certified gas appliances and components

A national database of certified gas appliances and components is now available on the Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC) website www.gtrc.gov.au For further information please click here.

Infinity and Olsent brand electrical cables recalled

ESV wishes to advise that electrical retailers and wholesalers across Australia have recalled Infinity electrical cables.

The recall relates to all sizes and configurations of TPS and Orange Round Infinity mains power cables. Olsent power cables sourced from Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd are also included.

The cable has been recalled because testing has found that it is non-compliant, with poor quality insulation that will deteriorate prematurely and may cause fires or the risk of electric shock. Consumers can click here for more information. Electricians can click here for more information.

Read the ACCC press release here

Click here to read ESV's press release

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