Information for Consumers

Below are links to important information for consumers on gas and electrical safety. If you have any queries in relation to the information provided, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700.


Everything you need to know about gas and electrical emergencies, including quick-reference cards about dealing with emergencies.

Gas and electrical safety in the home

Information about using gas and electricity safely and efficiently in the home.

Gas and electricity outdoors

Information on using gas and electricity safely in a variety of situations when outside.

Gas safety in your business

Information on arranging gas supply to new properties and using gas safely in your business - in hospitality, at major events and on farms.

Appliances and equipment

Advice about issues regarding the safety, operation and purchase of gas and electrical appliances.


Find out about the various public safety awareness campaigns that Energy Safe Victoria runs throughout the year, including information on how to order brochures, stickers and DVDs.

Choosing and using a tradesperson

Information about choosing and using the correct builder, plumber, gasfitter, electrician or other tradesperson.