Electrical equipment and appliances

This section provides information about meeting requirements for selling safe and efficient electrical equipment and appliances.

There are regulations that apply to the supply of electrical equipment and appliances. The requirements set out in the regulations must be followed. A failure to do so is a criminal offence.

Examples of non-compliant USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies

All USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies must be approved by a recognised certification body and display the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) or an approval number on the product. Non-compliant USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies pose a serious safety risk. This fact sheet shows examples of compliant and non-compliant USB chargers, travel adaptors and power supplies.

Buying electrical equipment online

Always be careful when buying electrical equipment online because some of the products for sale on the internet do not meet Australian safety standards. This brochure explains what to look for when buying electrical equipment from overseas or online sellers.

Compliance for self-balancing scooters (hoverboards)

Energy Safe Victoria can issue a certificate of compliance (also known as a Certificate of Suitability) for self-balancing scooters, including hoverboards. If a supplier were to make an application it would be expected that they now show compliance with the latest requirements of AS/NZS 60335.1 (Incorporating Amendments 1, 2 and 3 or incorporating Amendments 1 and 2) Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety - Part 1: General requirements, and AS/NZS 60335.2.201 Particular requirements for battery powered self-balancing personal transport devices. As there is now a relevant standard for self-balancing scooters this standard should now be used rather than the requirements outlined in ESV’s guidance document that can be found HERE

Changes to requirements relating to the supply of self-balancing scooters in Victoria

ESV is imposing additional requirements on the supply of self-balancing scooters in Victoria from 1 July to ensure all products provided for sale meet  specific safety requirements.  

Additional information can be found HERE.

Fee Schedule for Equipment Safety

Please find our fee schedule for applications and penalties HERE

Definitions of equipment classes

Review the list of prescribed electrical equipment here.

There are new classes of prescribed electrical equipment in Victoria that come in to effect on 29 January 2017.
Read about them HERE.

Equipment Approvals Database

In the interest of safety, the Electrical Regulatory Authority in each State and Territory of Australia administers uniform regulations aimed at preventing the sale of unsafe electrical equipment.

The approval of electrical equipment in Victoria is undertaken by ESV through the Approvals Database.

You can access the Approvals Database here.

The links below provide information on how to use the Approvals Database:

Recognised approval numbers in Australia

Prescribed electrical products should have an RCM on the appliance. Alternatively, other markings can show that a purchase has been certified. Recognised approval numbers in Australia can be seen on this fact sheet.

Sale and supply of second-hand appliances

If you are selling or supplying second-hand electrical appliances or equipment you must make certain information available to prospective buyers. Find out more information here.

Energy efficient labels

Find out which electrical appliances must have an energy efficiency label, and how to apply for approval here: Obtaining energy efficiency labels.