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Electrical apprentice safety

Why we started an apprentice safety campaign

ESV’s electrical apprentice safety campaign was launched in response to a frightening rise in incidents and fatalities of young electrical workers. In an 18 month period over 2015-16 our installation safety team investigated four electrical worker fatalities, three of those workers were apprentices and all four were under 25 years of age.

Key messages:

  • NEVER work live
  • Test before you touch
  • Lock out tag out


Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) initiative

In July 2017, ESV’s Electrical Installations Safety (EIS) team launched its first of a series of presentations aimed at first year apprentices to all Victorian TAFE institutes.

First year apprentices who commence training in 2017, also received their own Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) kit, to help electrical apprentices work safely and reinforce the safe work practices taught by registered training organisations.

Watch the first two presentations below.


1. Electrical safety for apprentices


2. Electrical safety for supervisors of apprentices and workers