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Prescribed and non-prescribed electrical work

There are two types of electrical installation work – prescribed and non-prescribed for which a COES is required.

Prescribed electrical installation work

Prescribed electrical installation work means work on all or part of any of the following electrical installations, if they are ordinarily operated at low voltage or a voltage exceeding low voltage:

  1. Consumers’ mains, main earthing systems and those parts of main switchboards that are related to the control of installations and the protection against the spread of fire.
  2. Sub-mains, earthing systems and any distribution boards related to the control of individual occupier’s portions of multiple installations unless the occupier has immediate and unimpeded access to the main switch or switches controlling the whole of the multiple installation.
  3. Electrical wiring and electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas within the meaning of section 9.0 of the SAA Wiring Rules and protection equipment associated with hazardous areas.
  4. High voltage installations except high voltage wiring and equipment that is:
  • associated with an electric discharge lighting system, or
  • associated with X-ray equipment, or
  • associated with high frequency equipment, or
  • within self-contained equipment supplied at low voltage.
  1. Electrical control and protection equipment associated with standby generation or co-generation electricity supply systems.
  2. Electric fences used for security purposes but not including electric fences intended primarily for the control or containment of animals.
  3. Electrical installations comprising remote area power supplies with a power rating exceeding 500 volt amperes not connected to a supply authority distribution system.
  4. Electrical wiring and associated fixed electrical equipment installed in body-protected or cardiac-protected electrical areas of hospitals and medical and dental practices.
  5. Circuit protective devices, switchgear, controlgear, wiring systems and accessories (other than fire detection and alarm systems) ordinarily operated at low voltage or a voltage exceeding low voltage installed to provide control and protection of passenger lifts, fire pumps (excluding pumps for fire hose reels where those hose reels are not the sole means of fire protection) and air handling systems intended to exhaust and control the spread of fire and smoke.
  6. A part 1 solution ordinarily operated at low voltage or a voltage exceeding low voltage installed in an electrical installation.

Read our Guidelines for Prescribed electrical work.

Sample of a Prescribed Installation COES form

Non-prescribed electrical installation work

Non-prescribed electrical installation work means work other than listed as prescribed electrical installation work.

Sample of a Non-Prescribed Installation COES form

Contact our electrical technical helpline

For general advice and information about prescribed and non-prescribed electrical work, contact our electrical technical helpline on 03 9203 9700 – select option 2 or email us directly at

For COES lodgement call the interactive voice response (IVR) line 1300 360 366 and follow the prompts.