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Applying for a Cathodic Protection System

Section 93(1) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 (the Act) prohibits the operation of a cathodic protection system unless that system is registered with Energy Safe Victoria in accordance with the Electrical Safety (Cathodic Protection) Regulations 2009.

Before installing a cathodic protection (CP) system, the CP system owner, typically a structure owner, must obtain a certificate of registration from ESV. All applications received by ESV will be tabled for approval at the Victorian Electrolysis Committee’s (VEC) Technical Subcommittee (TSC).

The application process

The TSC approval procedure for the system varies dependent upon both the type of system (impressed current or galvanic anode) and the system’s output.

For more detailed information on the CP application process refer to Part C of the VEC Code of Practice for electrolysis mitigation and cathodic protection here.

Complete the application form for a Cathodic Protection System here.

Application forms, together with payment of the appropriate registration fees are to be submitted to:

    • Energy Safe Victoria
      Attention: Manager Electrolysis Mitigation
    • Electrolysis Section
    • First Floor, Building 4
    • 540 Springvale Road
    • Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Registration fees

Cathodic protection system registration fees depend on the system’s output and are set annually by the Victorian Government. Registration fees must be sent with the application form.

Registration fees for 2017-18 (including GST) are:

  • $137.15 for a total output of up to and including 250 milliamperes
  • $343.30 for a total output over 250 milliamperes and up to and including 2 amperes
  • $775.30 for a total output over 2 amperes.

Payment options

We accept payment via cheque. Cheques must be made payable to “Energy Safe Victoria” and sent with the application form.

Payment can be made by using this credit card payment form.