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Energy safety regulation in Victoria

We are responsible for ensuring that:

  • electrical installations and infrastructure are safe and compliant
  • electricity safety regimes are managed to meet the challenges of changing technologies and industry structures
  • new and second hand gas and electrical equipment meet agreed safety criteria and comply with appropriate standards, including energy efficiency and
  • electrical installation workers and inspectors are appropriately licensed.

The Victorian Building AuthorityExternal Link (VBA) is also an energy safety regulator in Victoria. It is responsible for regulating domestic gas fitting installation work and the issuing of licences to gasfitters (as well as all plumbing and building work).

ESV assists with complaints about gas, electricity and pipeline issues which are safety or technical compliance related.

These do not include billing, customer service and quality of work issues, or contractual/financial disputes. Complaints of this nature are handled by various other agencies in Victoria.

Making a complaint or reporting a safety concern

When you make a complaint, it is important to provide as much factual information and evidence as required to enable the problem or issue to be understood and resolved. This should include the outcome that you want.

Safety concern complaints

Complaints must be lodged in writing by completing our online form here:

    If you have difficulty filling out the complaints form, you can provide your complaint or report by email:

    Reporting non-compliant electrical equipment

    Reports of non-compliant equipment can be made via email to

    Your report is important to ESV, as this information assists us in monitoring trends and taking action as appropriate, including alerting the public about products or appliances found to be unsafe.

    Anonymous complaints

    You may choose to provide us with an anonymous complaint. ESV accepts these complaints and deals with them on their merits. In some cases it is not practical to investigate a complaint if ESV is not able to contact you for further information or disclose your identity.

    Unsatisfactory resolution

    Where we are unable to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, we will attempt to explain why and let you know of other options that may be available to you.

    Internal reviews

    You may also request an internal review of your complaint by ESV.

    Acceptable grounds for review of a complaint are:

    • ESV errors in handling the complaint
    • Decisions made are inappropriate under the circumstances, and/or
    • New information or evidence is available to justify a review.

    Alternatively you may wish to complain to the Victorian OmbudsmanExternal Link

    If you don't have internet access

    If you are unable to complete our forms online, please contact the Complaints Coordinator by phone: 03 9203 9700

    A hard copy of ESV’s complaint form is also available:

    Mail the completed form to:

    Complaints Coordinator
    Energy Safe Victoria
    PO Box 262

    Complaints handling policy and procedure

    ESV’s Complaints handling policy provides more information about the type of complaints we accept, our process for handling complaints and the principles by which we operate when handling complaints.

    Date: 03/12/2023 8:58

    Controlled document

    The currency and accuracy of this document cannot be guaranteed once printed or saved to a storage device. If in doubt, please check the ESV website for the current version.

    Reviewed 15 August 2023

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