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ESV Stakeholder engagement framework

Our commitment to how engagement activities are planned, designed and delivered.

About ESV’s stakeholder engagement framework

Cover for Energy Safe's Stakeholder Engagement Framework, featuring an image of Marnie Williams speaking to a group of people, overlayed by semi-opaque blue graphic design elements.

Genuine and purposeful engagement with stakeholders including the Victorian community we serve is a key tenet of our regulatory approach. We are committed to achieving consistent, best practice engagement across our organisation and using the feedback to inform our decision making.

This framework is one of the initiatives we have taken to extend our stakeholder reach and take action where stakeholder feedback indicates we need to do better to provide the best possible service and value to Victorians. Our stakeholder engagement framework sets out our commitment to how engagement activities are planned, designed and delivered

Download our Stakeholder Engagement Framework:

Date: 08/02/2023 11:22

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Reviewed 29 January 2023

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