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Annual bushfire reports

Reports about fire seasons and bushfire mitigation and system audits.

End of fire season summary reports

These summary reports provide an overview of the preparedness of the networks for the particular fire season. They include an analysis of fire events during the season, a comparison to previous years, and an update on investigations into last year’s major fires.

Annual Bushfire Mitigation Programs reports

On 1 September 2017 the Electricity Safety Act 1998External Link was amended to include section 120P.

This requires affected Major Electricity Companies to provide a report to ESV by 1 August each year. The reports relate to regulated safety programs that will reduce the risk of their networks starting bushfires. Reports must include details of all works performed over the past reporting period and all planned works for the next reporting period.

The reporting period is from 1 May ending 30 April in the following calendar year. Follow the links below to the reports of all affected Major Electricity Companies.






ESV Annual Bushfire Mitigation System Audit reports

Safety audits are an integral ESV activity to provide assurance to the Government and community that electrical businesses are meeting their obligations, and to promote opportunities for continuous improvement. The audits are conducted against the procedures and criteria set out in the electrical businesses’ Bushfire Mitigation (BFM) programs.

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