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Electrical incident and technical investigations reports

Links to technical investigation reports relating to electrical incidents.

Victorian Big Battery Fire

Statement of Technical Findings – 28 September 2021:

Jemena - Wood pole management

Jemena Pole Management Report for consultation

United Energy - Wood pole management

United Energy Pole Management final report and consultation

AusNet Services – Wood pole management

AusNet Services Pole Management final report and consultation

Powercor – Wood pole management

Progress on wooden power pole intervention

Implementation of Energy Safe's recommendations

Powercor is increasing the safety of its wooden power pole population by implementing the recommendations of Energy Safe Victoria’s investigation into the sustainability of its wood pole inspection and maintenance practices.

Powercor is required to report quarterly to Energy Safe on progress in meeting key delivery targets for pole interventions, set out in its bushfire mitigation plan.This includes both pole replacement and reinforcement.

As the end of 2022, Powercor reported delivery of 7,201 pole interventions against an annual target of 6,930.

Energy Safe will continue to monitor Powercor’s progress against its plan.

If Powercor fails to meet its annual commitment at year end then Energy Safe may take enforcement action.

Final Pole Management Improvement plan progress report – June 2021:

Final Public Report – 13 March 2020:

Energy Safe’s response to submissions:

Draft Public Report for consultation – 23 December 2019:

Submissions received:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Supporting information – Detailed Technical Report – 3 January 2020:

500 kV Towers incident (Cressy)

ESV’s report into the 500 kV Towers incident (Cressy):

Salt Creek Insulator failure

Salt Creek Technical Report:

The Condition of Power Poles in South West Victoria

Final Report – 29 July 2019:

Media release:

Energy Safe’s response to submissions:

Draft Report – 31 May 2019:

St Patrick’s Day fires

Garvoc Fire (The Sisters) Technical Report – 17 March 2018:

Gazette Fire Technical Report – 17 March 2018:

Gnotuk Fire Technical Report – 17 March 2018:

Minjah Fire Technical Report – 17 March 2018:

Warrnambool-Cobden Fire Technical Report – 17 March 2018:

P3 High Street Terang Electrical Incident – 17 March 2018:

2018 Australia Day outages

2018 Australia Day weekend outages – technical investigation report:

Smart metering

Safety of advanced metering infrastructure in Victoria:

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