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Barbecue safety – Look before you cook

A faulty gas barbecue can burn more than just your sausages – on average there is one barbecue fire every day over summer.

Read our brochure Using your gas barbecue safely.

Make sure you ‘Look before you cook’ and follow these simple steps to barbecue safely.

If you haven’t used your barbecue recently

  • Check the gas cylinder – a gas cylinder must not be refilled if it has not been tested for over 10 years or if the cylinder has been damaged. Exchange LP Gas cylinders at a reputable supplier to avoid this problem.
  • Check the hose to make sure it has not perished.
  • Check connections to make sure they are tight – get into the habit of doing this regularly.

New barbecue

New barbecues need to be assembled carefully.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check the connections are tight.

Remember to Look before you cook and make it a regular habit.

Check for gas leaks with soapy water

Check the hose and regulator connections by spraying them with a soapy water solution such as common household detergent.

Bubbles will form if gas is escaping. If in doubt, turn off the gas and contact a licensed gasfitter.

Leak-test the connection to the cylinder every time you connect it – serious leaks are common and can be dangerous.

Get into the habit of doing a soapy water check

Send us at email at and we will post you a free ESV soapy water bottle to keep near your barbecue.