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Electrical apprentice safety

ESV’s electrical apprentice safety campaign was launched in response to a frightening rise in incidents and fatalities of young electrical workers.

In an 18 month period over 2015-16 ESV’s installation safety team investigated four electrical worker fatalities, three were apprentices and all four were under 25 years of age. And in January 2018, a 29-year-old licensed electrical worker died whilst working near live parts.

Key messages of the apprentice safety campaign

  • NEVER work live
  • Test before you touch
  • Lock out tag out (LOTO)
  • Always provide effective supervision to apprentices and electrical workers

ESV launches 2018 LOTO kit campaign

Electrical apprentice lock out tag out kit

ESV is pleased to advise that our Apprentice LOTO kit program is rolling out from late June 2018. In 2017, the LOTO kit apprentice safety program was so successful and the response from industry was overwhelmingly in favour of the program that ESV is launching the LOTO kit program from June.

This program is an important initiative to help apprentices understand the importance of following safe work practices and using appropriate safety equipment on the job.

As our Compliance team visit each RTO, they will be handing out LOTO kits to the 2018 first year apprentices.

Apprentices will be asked to watch our safety videos (refer below) and sign for their LOTO kit. We also hope they will sign up to email alerts about important industry and regulatory changes. By doing so they will get an understanding of how industry improvements occur and the changing regulatory environment; an important aspect of their future lives as licensed electrical workers.

RTO educators

Download the 2018 LOTO kit registration form in MS Word HERE.

Apprentice and supervisor safety videos

In July 2017, ESV’s Electrical Installations Safety (EIS) team developed and launched a presentation aimed at first year apprentices to all Victorian TAFE institutes and another aimed at supervisors of young electrical workers.

Watch the two presentations below
Or check them out on our YouTube channel – Apprentices and Supervisor’s

Electrical safety for apprentices

Electrical safety for supervisors of apprentices and workers


2017 Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) kit pilot program

To help electrical apprentices work safely and reinforce the safe work practices taught by registered training organisations, ESV provided each new apprentice who commenced training in Jan/Feb 2017 with an ESV apprentice LOTO kit. 

LOTO kits were issued directly to eligible apprentices by their RTO.  At the same time, ESV  collected contact information from each apprentice, so that we can provide them with important industry information we regularly send out to licensed electrical workers.

Each apprentice LOTO kit contained:

  • 1 pair of low voltage insulating gloves
  • 1 Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) kit
  • The ESV LOTO safety guide

A successful pilot program – ensuring the program is repeated in 2018

Our 2017 Apprentice safety and LOTO pilot program was a success; apprentices who received LOTO kits were genuinely appreciative and we thank them for the great feedback.

We want to thank the RTO’s who supported this pilot program and of course appreciate the efforts of our own people who drove it from inception to where we are today – they are passionate about electrical safety and the education of apprentices – our future electrical workers.

Contact ESV

All electrical workers, including apprentices, can contact ESV to find out more about electrical safety and safe work practices.

For electrical technical questions, call (03) 9203 9700 and select option 2, or email

To report an immediate safety concern or electrical incident call 1800 000 922.

For other concerns or general queries, email