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About Certificates of Electrical Safety

ESV is responsible for the issue, sale, acceptance and overall management of Certificates of Electrical Safety.

Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES)

A Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) is a legal document issued by an electrician to record the details for their electrical work they performed, as required by the Electricity Safety Act 1998External Link and the Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019External Link .

ESV has developed this document to assist the electrical industry understand the requirements for purchasing, completing, lodging and distributing Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES).

COES purchase and lodgement

  • Electronic COES purchase and lodgement processes are completed in ESVConnect only.
  • ESV does not amend COES generated in ESVConnect or paper COES.
  • Paper Prescribed and Non Prescribed COES are available at electrical wholesalers.
  • Paper Periodic COES are available through the COES order form on the Energy Safe Victoria website.
  • Paper COES can only be lodged via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Call 1300 360 366 and follow the prompts.
  • Online Services is only available to Electric Wholesalers (Paper COES agents) and to Licensed Electrical Inspectors to lodge paper COES on behalf of Registered Electrical Contractor clients.

Energy Safe Victoria and Certificates of Electrical Safety

Energy Safe Victoria is the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria. Within this role, we are responsible for the issue, sale, acceptance and overall management of Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) and the electrical tradespeople who must certify and issue COES upon completion of electrical installation work.

The Electricity Safety Act 1998External Link and Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019External Link require a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) to be issued for all electrical installation work.

The COES system is structured to:

  • improve electrical safety for the general public, electricity customers and electrical workers,
  • ensure all electrical installation work is undertaken only by qualified persons, and
  • ensure completed electrical work is available to be audited for safety and compliance resulting in industry education.

Energy Safe Victoria provides COES to the industry in two ways:

  • electronic (ESVConnect COES), and
  • paper form (COES).

It is the Responsible Person’s duty to confirm that all details are correct at the time of purchase, so lodgement can be performed successfully at the completion and testing of the electrical installation work.

Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence and licensed workers who do so may be subject to disciplinary action which could result in the suspension or cancellation of their licence.

Note: Mutual recognition licence holders must be working for or be registered as a Register Electrical Contractor (REC) to perform work for profit in Victoria.

Contact us

The COES team can assist industry participants and consumers in the following ways:

  • COES regulatory obligations and education
  • COES systems processes – ESVConnect and Paper certificates
  • COES – User identification numbers for lodgement of paper COES and registering on ESVConnect
  • COES – Transfers i.e., incorrectly purchased under the wrong licence or registration
  • COES – Refunds for COES when RECs and LEWs retire from industry
  • COES – Cancellations
  • COES – Requests for copies of COES from industry and consumers

Contact our COES team in the following ways:

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