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Arc flash hazard management

Owner/operators of electrical installations that are complex, high voltage or low voltage and high current should manage arc flash hazards.


An arc flash is a serious hazard that has the potential to cause death, serious injury, damage to equipment and loss of electrical supply. An arc flash could be considered as an unexpected and violent, electrical short circuit in the air that produces an arc and associated explosions of gases and molten metal.

High voltage (HV), low voltage (LV) high current and complex electrical installation owners and operators need to take particular account of and manage their arc flash/fault hazards.

This does not mean owners and operators of other installations do not also need to manage these risks.

This guidance has been developed to provide information about the overall need to understand and manage arc flash hazards and the risk factors that need to be considered.

Guideline - Arc Flash Hazard Management Arc Flash Self-Audit Tool (editable)

Date: 21/04/2024 21:54

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Reviewed 20 February 2023

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