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Onsemi electric high-bay lights

ESV has compiled a list of FAQs on the issue surrounding Onsemi High-bay lights. If your query is not addressed below, please contact us.

    • High-bay lights are industrial-sized downlights that are used almost exclusively to light up spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses and factories. The Onsemi products (100 and 120-watt models) in question are LED high-bay lights.
    • These are not products usually found in a house.
    • ESV has investigated five separate incidents involving 18 lights, 14 of which fell at one particular site.
    • Onsemi carried out a recall on its 150-watt high-bay light in 2017 after a number of lights had fallen, based on the weight of the product and the short amount time between installation and failure.
    • The lights underwent independent testing and the failure mode could not be replicated under the test conditions.
    • Further inspections on the light covers that had dropped showed cracks on the enclosure with sharp edges that had broken off at an angle.
    • This suggests that the break was due to external impact/force, and they were not affected by heat.
  • Onsemi has not sold/manufactured these products since 2019.

    • We recommend consumers with these lights installed on their premises to arrange for a qualified tradesperson to check them as soon as possible.
    • ESV investigations suggest that some damage to the lights may have occurred during transport or installation, which is consistent with ESV’s engineering assessments.
    • This situation does not meet the criteria for a recall based on energy safety legislation.

Date: 22/02/2024 5:15

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