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When submitting a complex gas application (ESV acceptance) ESV will assess your application and set condition of acceptance (COA). Part of these conditions may require you to submit additional information. In most cases this information can be submitted directly into GasTrac (ESV gas application portal) or the forms will be made available on the portal against you gas application. Alternatively you can download the following forms and attach them to your gas application in GasTrac.

Terms and conditions

Gas Safety (Gas Installations) Regulations 2018, Regulation 26

By submitting an application for acceptance of a complex gas installation or Type B gas appliance to ESV, it is deemed that the applicant has read and accepted all terms and conditions in relation to the application and acceptance process. Applicants must note the following:

  • It is an offence to provide false or misleading information to ESV under section 117 of the Gas Safety Act 1997External Link .
  • Applications will only be accepted via ESV Connect - GasTracExternal Link .
  • Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant asking for complete and accurate details.
  • Provision of ESV’s Gas Supply Approval number to the relevant gas distribution business, and providing the applicant with this ESV approval number will be at the discretion of ESV.
  • The provision of the ESV approval number will be dependent on the risk category determined by ESV of the complex gas installation and may be subject to some constraints.
  • Where ESV subjects a complex gas installation to an audit or inspection, the licensed person or an appropriately qualified representative must attend the inspection or audit.
  • ESV will notify the applicant via GasTrac of the conditions to be applied to the application (COA).

If you’re new to GasTrac, watch our series of GasTrac User videos. These short videos will show you how to register for GasTrac, manage your details and lodge new gas applications.

Date: 30/03/2023 15:18

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Reviewed 29 January 2023

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