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ESV understands the value of your relationship with your clients. Sometimes putting their safety first can strain that relationship and place you in a compromising position when it comes to unsafe gas installations, CO spillage and isolating an appliance.

24/7 gasfitter hotline – report unsafe gas installations

1800 652 563 and select option 5

If your client is refusing to have their appliance isolated due to CO spillage, call ESV’s gasfitter hotline number – 1800 652 563 and select option 5 .

The reporting hotline is ONLY to be called when the customer is refusing to have their appliance isolated and you cannot make it safe.

Non-compliance queries

For any non-compliance queries, call 1800 652 563 – Option 3.

What we need to know

When calling the hotline please have the following information available.


  • Plumber name
  • Plumber Licence number
  • Plumber contact number


  • Client name
  • Client contact number
  • Address of installation
    • Street number and name
    • Suburb
    • Postcode

Gas appliance

  • Model name and number
  • PPM of CO spillage
  • Unsafe issue

Resolving the issue

Upon receipt of the above details an ESV inspector will contact you to obtain further information and then contact your client to attempt to resolve the matter.

As part of the resolution, ESV may offer to carry out a further inspection. We will outline the dangers and consequences of CO spillage and inform your client it may be necessary to advise their gas supplier the installation is unsafe. The gas supplier then has a statutory obligation to withdraw supply.

More information

Read more about CO

For resources and information about CO and gas heating, refer to our Heating your home with gas webpage.


Watch our animated video explaining what a negative pressure environment is, its effect on open flued gas heaters and how to test for and mitigate it.

Contact the VBA External Link to enquire about CO training. Programs are run jointly by ESV and the VBA each year ahead of Winter.

Contact us

If you have queries about the reporting hotline, a complex gas installation or require further information, call our Gas technical enquiry line on 1800 652 563Option 3 or at

The full 1800 652 563 options are:
0 – Report a gas emergency
1 – Check progress of a gas application
2 – Book a gas inspection for a gas application
3 – Gas technical enquiry
4 – IT support for GasTrac
5 – Reporting unsafe installations – the gasfitter hotline
6 - Home occupier responding to ESV letter on Vulcan / Pyrox / Heritage heater

Date: 28/09/2023 19:56

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Reviewed 30 January 2023

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