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Spotters registration

Information about training and registering as a spotter in Victoria.


To comply with the No Go Zone requirements a spotter must be used when working inside specified clearances near overhead power lines.

A Spotter is required for each item of plant or equipment operating in the vicinity of overhead electrical lines on any work site.


For persons to be registered as a spotter with ESV they must provide the Registered Training Organisation with:

  • High Risk Licences
  • Evidence of units of competency where they exist
  • Verification of competency documentation
  • Current First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) documentation,
  • Evidence of training, competency training and experience

For items of plant such as an Elevated Work Platform <11 Metres, or a Vehicle Mounted Crane <10 Tonne / Metres or other plant where there is no formal operating competency, evidence of training, competency and or experience must be demonstrated to obtain a Spotter Certificate.

The RTO will verify what classes spotters will be allowed to spot for.

Once this information is received by the registered training organisation (RTO), a completed Spotters Registration card will be generated by ESV and sent to the applicant’s residential address or work address – depending on the details provided to the RTO.

Registration renewal

For registered spotters seeking to renew their registration and receive an updated registration card:

  • Within three months of the expiry date of the spotters registration card the spotter must attend a spotters training course with an RTO, and
  • Provide the RTO with all documentation verifying any new competencies achieved and current First Aid and EAR documentation.

Once ESV receives this updated information from the RTO, a new card will be generated by ESV and sent to the person’s residential address or work address – depending on the details provided to ESV by the RTO.

Re-issue of lost or stolen registration card

A completed statutory declaration is required for ESV to re-issue any licence or registration card which is lost, stolen or has not been received.

Statutory Declaration

The declaration must clearly state your current address details and the spotter registration number of the card to be reissued (if known).

Send your completed statutory declaration to ESV via email to

Competency Classes Applied to Spotter Registration Cards

Competency classes of the spotter are detailed on the front of the spotters registration cards.

The full list of competency classes that can be applied are as follows:

For additional classes to be added to a spotters card. The card holder needs to take the evidence for the addition of a class back to the RTO where they last completed their training. The RTO can then add the class to the spotters registration. A new card with updated classes will be mailed out.

Competency Class Competency Class Code
Advanced Rigging RA
Backhoe LB
Basic Rigging RB
Concrete Placing Booms PB
Crane Chaser CC
Cranes – Bridge & Gantry CB
Cranes – Derrick CD
Cranes – Mobile Slewing (Open/Over 100 Tonnes) CO
Cranes – Mobile Slewing (up to 100 Tonnes) C1
Cranes – Mobile Slewing (up to 20 Tonnes) C2
Cranes – Mobile Slewing (up to 60 Tonnes) C6
Cranes – Non Slewing CN
Cranes – Portal Boom CP
Cranes – Tower CT
Dogging DG
Drilling Rig DR
Elevating Work Platform (Less than 11 Metres) WP<11m
Elevating Work Platform (Greater than 11 Metres) WP>11,
Excavator LE
Forestry Equipment FE
Forklift Trucks LF
Front End Loader LL
Intermediate Rigging RI
Road Profiler RP
Skid Steer loader LS
Telescopic material Handlers less than 3 tonne TMH
Tipping Trucks TT
Vacuum Excavator VE
Vehicle Loading Cranes (Greater than 10metre/tonnes) CV>10m/t
Vehicle Loading cranes (Less than 10metre/tonnes) CV<10m/t

Note: The competency classes listed on the rear of Spotter registration cards is not an exhaustive list and does not contain all of the above competency classes.

Spotter training providers

A number of organisations provide training for spotters in Victoria.

To be eligible to attend a training course, you must satisfy ESV’s general requirements for spotters:

General Requirements to act as a Spotter

Spotters service providers

Do you require the services of a spotter?

Please click on link to see companies that can provide this service.

Provide your contact details to ESV and confirm they are for public release, by email to:

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