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Safe and effective training for electrical apprentices is our priority.

Electrical apprentice safety

Energy Safe Victoria regards electrical apprentice safety as a high priority. Apprentice electrical safety campaigns are launched in response to a rise in incidents and fatalities of young electrical workers.

Since 2015, Energy Safe’s electrical installation safety team investigated eleven electrical worker fatalities, five were apprentices and six were under 25 years of age.

It is vital that electrical workers follow safe work practices at all times. Young workers are particularly vulnerable and apprentices must be effectively supervised.

Key messages

Apprentice and supervisor safety videos

Energy Safe’s Electrical Installations Safety (EIS) team has developed a presentation on electrical safety for first year apprentices and another for supervisors of young electrical workers. Both videos are available on our YouTube channel – Apprentices and Supervisors.

Read the Requirements for the effective supervision of apprentice electricians.

Electrical safety for apprentices

Electrical safety for supervisors of apprentices and workers

Use of gloves in licensing assessments

Energy Safe encourages the use of insulating gloves when accidental contact with live parts is possible. Gloves are not intended to replace correct isolation procedures (LOTO), but may be used to guard against accidental contact during the isolation or testing processes.

From 1 January 2019, candidates attempting the Safe Working Practice (SWP) and Restricted Licence Class 2 assessments will be required to use gloves during their assessment. This requirement includes both low voltage insulating (LV) gloves compliant with AS2225, and fire resistant outer gloves for mechanical protection.

The use of gloves has already been a requirement of the Restricted Licence Class 1 Fault Finding, Switchgear Workers Licence, and Licensed Electrical Inspector assessments for some time.

Candidates must supply their own gloves for the assessment.

Gloves are to be used when the risk of accidental contact with live parts is possible, including when live terminals are exposed for testing. Once isolation has been proven, and the circuit locked out and tagged out (LOTO), the gloves may be removed. There is no penalty if the candidate chooses to leave their gloves on for the entirety of the assessment.

For more information about the use of gloves in assessments, chat to your RTO or contact Energy Safe on the email and phone numbers below.

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