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Training and assessment providers

A directory of training centres throughout Victoria.

Electrical training and assessment

Whether you’re just starting out, or have years of experience, Energy Safe Victoria encourages all electrical workers to undertake further training to develop their skills.

Listed below are the licensing assessment centres approved by Energy Safe,as well as other education centres that provide electrical training.

For Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training providers, see CPD Training Providers

Licenced Electrician's Assessments (LEA)

Licensed Electrician’s Theory

The Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET) assessment may be provided by:

Licensed Electrician’s Practical

The Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP) may be provided by:

Safe Working Practice

The Safe Working Practice (SWP) assessment may be provided by:

Restricted Licence

Class 2

Class 2 Restricted Licence assessment may be provided by:

Class 1

Class 1 Restricted Licence assessment may be provided by:

Licensed Electrical Inspection

G Class Theory, Practical and Safe Approach

LEI G Class theory, practical and safe approach assessments are provided by:

Switchgear Worker's Licence

Theory and Practical

Switchgear Licence theory and practical assessments are provided by:

Licensing assessment appeals

If you believe you have grounds to appeal your licensing assessment result, download, complete and return a Licensing Assessment Appeal form by email to

Licensing Assessment Appeal Form

Electrical training providers

Energy Safe provides the information below as a public service on the request of the training providers listed.

Inclusion on this page does not imply Energy Safe endorsement or recommendation of the listed providers, their services or products. Candidates selecting a training provider should carefully consider whether the training provider meets their own particular needs.

Electrical training is also offered by the following organisations:

Registered Electrical Contractors (REC)

A Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) business course may be provided by:

Energy Safe may accept evidence of a REC business course conducted at a training provider that is not listed above. To confirm if the course you wish to undertake is accepted, please consult the Licensing team

Licensed Electrical Inspector (LEI) training

Private LEI tutoring is offered by the following organisations:

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