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ESVConnect updates

ESVConnect is in the cloud

In June 2022, ESVConnect was migrated to a new cloud environment.

There should be no change to any of the functionality or how you use ESVConnect. However, the link to access ESVConnect has changed, and you may experience issues if you are using the old link or this has been cached or bookmarked in your computer.

To access ESVConnect, please use this link: Link

If you are unable to log in from your existing bookmarked page please:

  • Delete any existing ESVConnect bookmarks
  • Clear the cache in the browser you usually use. E.g. Clearing the cache in Chrome
  • Load ESVConnect through the link above or use the ESVConnect button above this notice.

We thank you for your patience while we made this significant change to the system, which will allow for continued development and improvements of ESVConnect in the future.

Adding test results

The ability to add test results to a certificate in ESVConnect was a feature that was developed and available from July 2019 at the request of the electrical industry.

Feedback from Industry requested a simpler system for adding test results which has been developed and deployed to each certificate in ESVConnect as of 29 May 2022.

The Electricity Safety Act and Electricity Safety (General) Regulations require all electrical installation work be tested on completion.

There is no legal or mandatory requirement to add test results to a certificate of electrical safety, the feature is there if you wish to do so.

If you select ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’, you are required to add the result you obtained from the test.

ESVConnect payments issue: Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money

If you use Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money software, you may experience issues making payments on ESVConnect.

To prevent these issues, add the URL: Link

Date: 22/09/2023 19:40

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Reviewed 09 August 2023

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