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AS4575: 2019 Gas appliances - Servicing of Type A appliances

Tuesday 26 November 2019 3:15pm
The scope of the standard focuses on the minimum requirements for Type A appliance servicing, repair, conversion from one gas type to another, testing for safe and correct operation, in addition to associated quality systems. AS4575:2019 covers the following:
  • competency
  • preparation to work including site familiarisation and OH&S risk assessment
  • electrical safety
  • appliance inspection
  • steps to take when encountering unsafe appliances or installations
  • equipment requirements
  • general servicing requirements
  • replacement or repair of components
  • gas type conversion; and
  • testing for spillage of combustion products.
Much of the focus in the revision of AS4575 was on the development of a test procedure to test for spillage of combustion products. The procedure was initially based upon Appendix R in the gas installation standard AS/NZS5601.1. Field experience, however, demonstrated that climatic conditions such as wind gusts or extreme hot weather can impact on the outcome of testing.Therefore, methodology to establish baseline conditions was introduced. As a result Appendix R in AS/NZS5601.1 is currently being amended to also include this additional methodology. AS4575:2019 is currently a voluntary standard as it is not referenced in Victorian legislation. Consideration will be given to referencing AS4575 through an amendment to the Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018. In the meantime, it would be considered good practice to use AS4575:2019 as a reference document when undertaking any servicing work on Type A gas appliances. You can search for the standard on Standards AustraliaExternal Link and purchase it through SAI GlobalExternal Link or TechstreetExternal Link .

Reviewed 18 January 2023

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