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Building safety blitz targets Bendigo

Wednesday 30 November 2016 2:00am
Building safety blitz targets Bendigo

Builders and tradespeople in the Bendigo area recently came under the scrutiny of a new multi-regulator approach to ensure they are complying with the law.

In October, ESV joined forces with the Victorian Building Authority, WorkSafe Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Environment Protection Authority to launch the new Build Aware program. Build Aware is aimed at increasing awareness among industry and consumers of the importance of being compliant with building, construction, environment, plumbing and OH&S laws and regulations.

Bendigo Blitz

From 17-21 October inspectors from different agencies visited construction and demolition work sites across the Bendigo region as well as local construction company head offices. Bendigo was selected as the first Build Aware location because it has a strong construction base and is a leading regional centre. The program will be conducted in other regional centres next year with Geelong a likely next location. Inspectors also conducted desktop reviews of permits and provided on-the-spot advice regarding compliance issues or questions.

Make sure you comply

ESV inspectors who visited sites were looking to ensure that licensed electricians and gasfitters were being used for all gas and electrical work on sites. They were also looking for adherence to the No Go Zone requirements, particularly ensuring buildings and scaffolding aren’t too close to powerlines. Gas inspectors were checking compliance with the requirements for Complex gas installations, which includes commercial, high-rise or industrial sites. No Complex gas installation should be used until ESV has issued final acceptance. ESV reminds all builders and tradespeople to always ensure:
  • the work has been performed by a licenced gasfitter
  • an application for acceptance has been or will be submitted
  • the work is compliant to the prescribed standards (such as AS/NZS 5601.1 – 2013)
  • once work is completed and a gas meter / as supply is present, ESV has given final acceptance for the installation.
Further information is available on Gas Information sheet 33External Link .

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