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Continuing Professional Development for Electricians

Tuesday 21 June 2022 7:52pm

CPD is here!

After a successful pilot program the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for electrical licence holders have now been confirmed.

These are listed along with a huge range of information on the ESV website at Link , including where your training can be completed.

What follows is a summary of the most important points.

At its most simple, most licence holders, including electricians and restricted electrical licence holders, must now complete a day of CPD training before their licence can be renewed. CPD can be completed at any time in the two years before a licence renewal falls due. Working without the appropriate licence is, of course, strictly illegal, and can result in significant penalties, both individually and for a business. This obviously has profound significance for licensed electrical workers. So protect your licence by getting your CPD completed as soon as you are able.

Q. When is the change coming in?

A. Training is required for all licence renewals from 1 July 2023.

Q. How much training will be required?

A. Eight hours for most licences, in a professional classroom environment, at a training provider convenient to you. Training will need to be completed every five years.

Q. What form will that training take?

A. About 60% hands-on practical work, and 40% theory. An online Learning Management system will ensure you are well prepared.

Q. How much it will cost?

A. It is free for the first round. The Victorian Government has committed that no licence holder will need to pay for their CPD in the first 5 years of the program.

Q. Is there an exam to pass at the end?

A. No there isn’t, but trainers may indicate to you any areas where they think your skills knowledge could usefully be increased. Training content has received input from many industry bodies, including experts from all parts of the industry. The training is designed to be enjoyable and interesting, to contribute to both the licence holder’s and community safety, and content will be regularly revised to be current.

The move to CPD, enthusiastically supported by unions, employer groups and trade associations, is the result of a Victorian State Government commitment, and is being managed by Energy Safe Victoria.

Read more, including extensive FAQs, at Link .

Reviewed 24 January 2023

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