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Coroner reports on the death at St Leonards after receiving serious electrical shock

Wednesday 17 August 2022 3:49pm

Following an Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) investigation, the Victorian Coroner has delivered findings on the death of Greg Roberts who died after receiving a serious electric shock while doing building works in St Leonards in late 2019.

Mr Roberts, 37, fell from scaffolding at a residential property on the afternoon of 25 November, 2019 after he accidently made contact with high voltage lines while using a metal tape measure.

After the incident, the Ocean Grove husband and father was transported to a local football oval where he was airlifted to the Alfred hospital and later dying on 30 November.

The electric shock, combined with the subsequent two-metre fall from the scaffolding, caused significant injuries that resulted in his death.

ESV carried out an investigation and concluding that the scaffolding Mr Roberts was standing on was 3.3 metres from the power lines, within the 4.6 metres minimum horizontal clearance established as part of ESV’s No Go Zone requirements.

No Go Zones describe minimum safety requirements that are dependent on the distance between overhead powerlines and the work being performed. They relate to high voltage and low voltage overhead powerlines, underground cables, scaffolding and construction work near powerlines as well as the use of spotters and other safety controls.

Following the No Go Zone rules should ensure that workers never hit powerlines while doing their work. Both Powercor, which owns and operates the powerlines, and WorkSafe carried out investigations, which helped inform the Coroner’s report.

For more information on No Go Zones go to Link .

Reviewed 24 January 2023

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