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ESV launches pilot to support the safety of solar inspectors

Monday 8 November 2021 1:12pm
9 November 2021 Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has launched a pilot aimed at supporting the safety of Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI) when assessing solar panel installations. ESV, in collaboration with National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), Institute of Electrical Inspectors (IEI), Solar Victoria and WorkSafe, will kick off a 12-week pilot this month aiming to provide alternative methods to achieve safety outcomes for LEIs carrying out rooftop solar inspections. LEIs play an essential role across the solar and electrical industries, delivering independent assurance that electrical installations are safe and that the work has been done properly. In order to support the safety of LEIs and reduce risks associated with working at height, this pilot will focus on an alternative approach to the inspection of components in the commissioning and installation of solar systems. The pilot will provide a guidance checklist to ensure compliant solar installations while helping support LEIs carry out their inspections. It will provide an alternative for LEIs, many of whom are over the age of 60, to find safer ways to conduct inspections and, in some instances, rely on technology to complement a limited inspection at the roof level potentially eliminating the need to get up on the roof. The compliance rates of each participating LEI’s who adopt the new inspection approach will be monitored as part of the pilot. The goal will be to demonstrate at least an equivalent compliance rate to the current inspection process (the baseline) with no defects. The objective is to improve LEI safety while not compromising the quality and safety checks undertaken on the installation itself. LEIs will provide information to property owners and occupiers about the pilot as part of their solar installation.

ESV Commissioner and Chairperson Marnie Williams

“Energy Safe Victoria is consistently working with the electrical industry to improve safety for electrical workers across the state.” “This pilot will help ESV, NECA, IEI, Solar Victoria and WorkSafe increase safety of LEIs conducting solar inspections as more and more Victorians turn to renewable energy to power their homes. “We want to thank all inspectors and electricians for participating in the pilot, which aims to ultimately improve conditions for LEIs.”

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