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ESV publishes reports on inspection regime

Sunday 6 June 2021 8:12pm

Independent review of Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI's)

An independent review commissioned by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has found that Victoria’s electrical inspection regime addresses safety risk. Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) are a key part of Victoria’s electrical safety regime. All prescribed electrical installations (generally large or complex installations - such as a solar system) must be inspected by an LEI before they can be energised. The independent reviewExternal Link was split into two parts – an interim report that focussed on the solar industry, and the final report which looked more broadly at the electrical installation inspection regime. Both reports provided recommendations that will improve safety even further. A series of new initiatives and timelines for implementation are outlined in ESV’s response to the review: Energy Safe Victoria’s review of the Electrical Inspection RegimeExternal Link . This includes:
  • Increased industry education, technical support for Licensed Electrical Inspectors, and new requirements for continuing professional development for all licensed electrical workers.
  • Better data collection and analysis from audits and certificates of electrical safety.
  • Closer collaboration with Solar Victoria, and strengthening ESV’s approach to compliance and enforcement.
ESV thanks all participants in the research that led to the development of the reports.

Read the three reports

Reviewed 14 December 2022

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