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Thursday 26 October 2017 3:41pm

ESV is proud to launch ESVConnect our new platform for online services, and its first workflow – the registration of Cathodic Protection.

ESVConnect will host all of ESV’s online systems where you, our stakeholders and customers, interact with us. This will include registration of electrical contractors (RECs), electrical licensing and purchasing Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES). The launch of ESVConnect is a culmination of many hours of effort by ESV people, to design and develop efficient and future-capable systems and processes. In his address at the launch of ESVConnect, general manager of Gas and Pipeline Safety and Technical Regulation, Steve Cronin, highlighted the importance of ESV to deliver technology improvements to our stakeholders.
“It is an essential aspect of our role as the gas and electricity safety regulator to provide increasingly more efficient services to our stakeholders,” he said. “ESVConnect will help us to minimise the administrative burden experienced by our stakeholders; an ongoing commitment ESV has made.”
For owners and operators of cathodic protection systems, Registration of Cathodic Protection Systems via ESVConnect improves the way registrations are lodged. All registrations for cathodic protection systems can now be submitted and managed online via ESVConnect. The new online system delivers a step-by-step process where the requirements are clear and all users will have a consistent experience of lodgement, assessment and approval. ESV’s manager for Electrolysis Mitigation, Peter Wade, said there were benefits for both owners and operators of the new system.
“Our new on-line cathodic protection registration process is transparent allowing users to track their registrations at every step. Owners and operators of cathodic protection systems will be able to manage their systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations, from the convenience of their mobile device or computer.”
To find out more about ESVConnect or the new process for the registration of cathodic protection systems, click hereExternal Link .

Reviewed 18 January 2023

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