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Thursday 30 June 2016 4:00am
ESV launched GasTrac in 2017, an online gas installation acceptance system that makes managing gas applications quicker and easier. The rollout is currently underway and gas practitioners will soon be able to use GasTrac to submit and manage gas applications online, ensuring faster turnaround times for Gas Supply Approvals and Gas Installation Acceptances. ESV's Paul Harris, who is Operations Manager Gas Pipeline Safety and Technical Regulations, said GasTrac makes doing business easier.
"We've been working on GasTrac for a long time and we're excited that it is now coming online and for gas practitioners to use," said Paul.
" It will provide a much more modern and convenient way to mange gas applications and we really think it will make things easier for people in the industry."
GasTrac will enable users to:
  • directly submit gas applications, exemption applications and information for complex gas installations and Type B appliances
  • check on the progress of gas applications at any time
  • complete Conditions of Acceptance forms and test sheets online
  • achieve faster turnaround on acceptance, and
  • issue gas supply approval.

New-look correspondence

Correspondance from ESV for applications lodged in GasTrac has a new look. Changes include updated email formats and letters in PDF format. You can view or download the new COA letter and updated forms on ESV's website, hereExternal Link . The Conditions of Acceptance letter (COA) will now contain links (where appropriate) for:
  • consumer poping test report
  • protection of combustible surfaces form>
  • type A Applicance Certification Details
  • type B Appliance Checklist.
The new format of the COA letter also includes links to gas technical information sheets that are relevant to your Application for Acceptance. In coming months, stay tuned for further updates from ESV including registration seminars and instructional tools for using GasTrac.

Reviewed 18 January 2023

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