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Have your say on proposed revisions to AS/NZS5601.1

Sunday 25 April 2021 9:00pm
AS/NZS5601.1 was last revised in 2013 with the publication of 4 amendments to the standard since that time. The standard is now due for a full revision, and a draft for public comment has been published by Standards Australia. The draft can be accessed at Link via Standards Connect. Public comments on the draft will be accepted up to Thursday, 10 June 2021. The current project to revise the standard includes a gap analysis of all performance-based requirements against the means of compliance. Additionally, a number of significant changes are proposed, including:
  • Clarification that the standard does not apply to the repair of existing gas installations (including the repair of gas appliances) but does apply to modifications of existing installations.
  • New definition for an “ignition source”, “open flued appliance”, “fire safety system”, “semi-rigid connector”, “under-pressure shut-off device”. Prohibition on the use of flexible flue liners for applications other than within chimneys.
  • Brazing prohibited within 1 m of a joint with non-metallic components.
  • Prohibition on the installation of multilayer pipe above-ground external to buildings.
  • Provision of emergency isolation for buildings with multilayer pipe for fire protection.
  • Clarification on required ventilation where more than one gas meter is installed in an enclosure.
  • Increased clearance requirement between domestic cooking appliances and range hoods to align with the international rangehood standard IEC 60335 2 31.
  • Prohibition on the use of semi-rigid connectors in the installation of commercial catering equipment.
  • New requirements for the protection of combustible surfaces adjacent to commercial catering equipment.
  • New pipe sizing graphs and tables based upon the Churchill friction factor equation which will allow for greater flow capacities for complex gas installations where large pipe diameters and longer pipe runs exist.
  • Information on the effect of altitude on gas supply pressure for high-rise building installations.
  • New requirements and drawings for the location of flue terminals under a covered area, in a recess, or on a balcony.
  • New requirement for the isolation of installations in educational institutions.
  • New requirements for freestanding commercial catering equipment with under-equipment connection.
  • New requirements for the connection of freestanding commercial catering equipment using a hose assembly.
The public comment draft can be downloaded and comments uploaded via the Standards Australia Connect portalExternal Link . First-time users will need to register hereExternal Link . You can also review the draft online and provide comments without needing to download the draft first. NOTE: Standards Australia has introduced a new software-based formatting template for Australian standards. This is the first attempt at republishing AS/NZS5601.1 using the new template. In the public comment draft there are some formatting issues; e.g. tables crossing over pages. Please do not provide comments on these formatting issues as Standards Australia is aware of these issues and will rectify when the final version is published. The public comment period closes Thursday, 10 June 2021. If you have any queries in relation to the above information, contact StandardsAustraliaExternal Link . Or contact our Gas Team on the Gas technical inquiries line 1800 652 563 (option 3) or by email at

Reviewed 14 December 2022

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