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Media Release: Warning to stay away from fallen powerlines

Wednesday 14 February 2024 4:26am

Energy Safe Victoria is warning people not to go anywhere near fallen powerlines.

Hundreds of powerlines and poles across the state were brought down in extreme weather yesterday.

Acting Energy Safe CEO Michelle McCorkell said fallen lines pose a very real risk of electrocution.

“Powerlines carry electrical currents that can kill in an instant – even broken ones – and getting too close to them can be deadly,” Ms McCorkell warned.

“To avoid electrocution that can cause serious injury or death, you must stay at least eight metres away – that’s about two car lengths.

“Don’t be curious, do not touch powerlines or anything they’re touching including pools of water or cars.”

Ms McCorkell urged anyone who sees a downed or damaged powerline to contact their electricity company. Contact details can be found at Link

“We know people want to help their community to stay safe but they’re putting themselves at real risk of electrocution if they approach or try to move powerlines. Leave that to the experts.”

She said anyone whose rooftop solar power system had been damaged should turn off the power at the inverter and call a registered electrical contractor.

“Damaged solar panels can still generate electricity and there’s a risk of fire or electrocution, so don’t take chances call a registered electrician to make sure the system is safe.”

Transmission towers collapse investigation

Energy Safe inspectors are on site at Anakie where the six transmission towers collapsed yesterday to understand what has happened and any safety implications.

We will continue to monitor measures being implemented to ensure safety.

For more information on energy safety during power outages and after storms see What to do in a power outage


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Reviewed 14 February 2024

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