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Safety Alert: Apprentice plumber receives electric shock

Monday 27 April 2020 4:40pm
Energy Safe Victoria has published a Safety Alert after an apprentice plumber received an electric shock from exposed cables on an awning he was working on. In the recent incident, the second year apprentice plumber was involved in repairs to the roof of an awning at a commercial premises in suburban Melbourne. While doing so he inadvertently made contact with an electrical cable and received an electric shock. He was taken to hospital and thankfully has since made a full recovery. ESV's investigation found the cable insulation had deteriorated and the cable had bare exposed sections that were alive at 230 volts. This safety alert is for all workers reminding them that due to age and weathering, cables may have deteriorated insulation that could result in them being live, and there are safety processes to undertake before carrying out any planned work. Read the Safety AlertExternal Link .

Reviewed 14 December 2022

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