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Safety alert - RCBO prohibition

Wednesday 2 May 2018 9:06pm

On 1 July 2018, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) will prohibit the supply of RCBOs that do not pass additional tests set by ESV.

If an RCBO covered by the prohibition is not on the list published on ESV’s website as having passed the additional tests, it cannot be supplied or installed after 1 July 2018. The prohibition applies to RCBOs even if they are integrated in other electrical equipment such as preassembled switchboards. The prohibition does not apply to DIN mountable RCBOs that are greater than 110mm in length and DIN mountable RCBOs that have a short circuit breaking capacity of 10kA or greater. However, RCBOs that are marked or marketed as being for household or residential use are covered by the prohibition regardless of their length or short circuit breaking capacity. ESV’s investigation into RCBOs was instigated by a fatality in August 2016 in which it was found that a commonly used RCBO failed to operate. ESV has identified two situations where 240V can be present on the load side of an RCBO when it is in the open position:

  • The device is installed in the opposite orientation to the one indicated by the manufacturer
  • The RCBO is installed in the correct orientation, however there is a defect in the installation downstream from the device and there is 240V present on the load terminals when the device is in the ‘off’ position.
An RCBO diagram showing a front view and side view

Examples of RCBOs covered by the prohibitionExternal Link and a copy of the prohibition noticeExternal Link and related information are available on our website. For a list of the approved RCBOs, click hereExternal Link .

See RCBOs prohibition Q&AsExternal Link . If you require more information please call ESV on 9203 9700.

Reviewed 02 February 2023

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