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Young electrician dies while working near live parts

Monday 29 January 2018 2:00am

Energy Safe Victoria is investigating an incident involving a licensed electrical worker who died whilst working near live parts.

On Monday 29 January, a 29-year-old licensed electrical worker was installing 3 phase socket outlets at an industrial site in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The electrical worker was found unconscious in front of the switchboard and later died. The switchboard escutcheon had been removed and live parts were exposed. Clear access to the switchboard was restricted by a metal bench. Electrical workers should NEVER WORK LIVE and understand the importance of isolation when working on or near live parts. Victoria's Electricity Safety Act 1998 (the Act) requires that contractors and electricians do not expose themselves to unnecessary risks. It states that contractors and electricians must disconnect the power supply or take adequate precautions to prevent electric shock or injury.


  • Plan and discuss the job.
  • Disconnect the electrical supply before starting work.
  • Confirm isolations are correct and test with suitable instruments.
  • Confirm connections are correct.
  • Test completed work for compliance with the Wiring Rules (AS/NSZ 3000).


  • Try to save time by eliminating procedures and risk assessment.
  • Allow customers to leave the electricity supply on.
  • Work on energised equipment.
  • Overlook isolating and proving all equipment and control circuits are safely isolated.

Reviewed 18 January 2023

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