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Using gas safely

Your home is a place where you and your family need to be safe – taking care of your gas appliances is important to ensuring your family’s health and well-being.

Servicing gas appliances

ESV and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) recommend that all gas water heaters, space heaters and central heaters are serviced at least every two years by a qualified gasfitter to ensure they are working properly.

The gasfitter must use a CO analyser to test for carbon monoxide spillage. Only use a registered or licensed gas fitter who has completed the Master Plumbers CO training course.

Registered or licensed gasfitters may be found by searching online or via the VBA’s website.

Gas appliances need regular servicing as:

  • burners in water heaters or space heaters can become blocked with dust or lint and then soot up the heat exchanger and flue passageways
  • air filters, air ways and fans can become blocked by lint and dust, leading to overheating and burner problems, and
  • safety controls can wear out and fail.

Any of these issues can increase the risk of your gas appliance spilling carbon monoxide.

Always follow the manufacturer’s service plan and keep a record of the date of service.

Read more on Heating your home with gas.

Operate gas appliances correctly

Use gas appliances only for their intended purpose and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Never tamper with safety valves or other fittings and do not use excessive force to open or close gas control knobs.
  • Never use an oven to heat a room or as a clothes dryer.
  • Turn off your radiant gas heater when you leave the house or go to sleep – never leave your gas heating on overnight.
  • Always supervise young children near heaters or any gas appliance.
  • Clean your oven, grill, cook top and rangehood regularly to prevent the build-up of spilled fats and burnt foods and reduce the risk of fire
  • Remove clothing and paper from around gas appliances.
  • Don’t get distracted in the kitchen. Read more on Cooking safely with gas.

Dial before you dig

Take the guess work out of excavating and lodge a free inquiry with Dial Before You Dig at

Take care when using lawn mowers, brush cutters or digging in the garden so you do not damage gas pipes or your gas meter assembly.

Take care using flammable products

  • Do not pour petrol near a gas appliance or flue outlet – petrol fumes may be ignited by the appliance flame.
  • Do not fill your lawn mower with petrol near a gas appliance or flue outlet.
  • Do not spray aerosols near operating gas appliances – the flammable gas in aerosols pressure packs can be a fire hazard.
  • Do not store chemicals or pressure packs on or near a gas appliance – heat may cause them to react or explode.
  • Never use or store flammable materials such as petrol, mineral turpentine, paint or combustible cleaning solutions near a gas appliance.
  • Turn off any pilot burners before using tile adhesive or solvents near a gas appliance.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to gas safety in the home, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700 or by email on or contact your gas retailer.