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Look Up and Live or Dead and Buried – No Go Zones campaign

look-up-and-liveIn response to electricity-related deaths and accidents on work sites, ESV has taken a lead role in establishing a best practice approach for mechanical plant and equipment such as mobile cranes, tipping trucks, concrete pumping machines, scaffolding and elevated work platforms being operated near overhead powerlines.

This initiative, known as the “No Go Zone” involved the development, introduction and communication of a consistent set of rules for the construction industry when working near overhead power lines.

Look up and live

Electricity-related deaths and accidents are preventable.

ESV has developed a set of rules for working near power lines. Follow our procedures for safe working conditions outdoors and avoid injury or death by electrocution.

Read these rules in our Look Up and Live brochure, here.

Further information

To read more about Look Up and Live, visit our Campaign pages. To obtain stickers, brochures and educational DVDs from ESV, go to our Merchandise page.