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Acceptance of a complex gas installation

As the regulator for gas safety, ESV is responsible for ensuring that all new and existing gas installations are safe and meet requirements as stated in applicable Acts and Regulations.

ESV accepts applications for acceptance for all complex gas installations and Type B gas appliances (previously known as an ESV Start Work and Compliance Notice) from licensed gas professionals.

For all completed standard gas installations licensed gasfitters must lodge a Compliance Certificate with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) after it has been issued to the owner/occupier.

Lodge online with GasTrac

GasTrac logo

ESV has launched GasTrac, our new online gas installation acceptance system that makes managing gas applications quicker and easier.

A staged rollout is currently underway and all licensed gas practitioners will soon be able to use GasTrac to submit and manage gas applications online, ensuring faster turnaround times for Gas Supply Approvals and Gas Installation Acceptances.

To lodge your application or check the status of active applications in GasTrac, click here.

Lodge with traditional forms

To access hardcopy application forms and Conditions of Acceptance forms for new complex gas installation applications if you are not lodging an application or exemption through GasTrac, click here.

Gas application guide

ESV’s gas application guide provides step by step information to help you through the complex gas installation and Type B appliance application process.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to complex gas installation applications, please call our Gas Technical Helpline directly on 1800 652 563 or at