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Rinnai Energysaver heater installations check

Published 2023-05-16

Energy Safe Victoria is calling on those using Rinnai Energysaver heaters with combined horizontal/vertical on-wall flue systems to contact the supplier to ensure they are not venting carbon monoxide.

The energy safety regulator is calling on those using Rinnai heater models 308, 309, 431, 556, 557, 559, 561, 1001, 1004 and 1005 so that the system can be checked by a qualified gasfitter.

Energy Safe and Rinnai were alerted to an incident involving an incorrectly installed flue, which led to a build up of condensation and flue system blockage, causing carbon monoxide spillage from the condensate drain.

Energy Safe and Rinnai publicised the potential dangers surrounding incorrectly installed combined horizontal/vertical “on wall” flue systems in early 2021.

Rinnai’s installation instructions were also updated to stress the importance of correct installation of the combined horizontal/vertical “on wall” flue systems.

While the heater and combined horizontal/vertical on-wall flue systems may have been installed correctly at most locations, Energy Safe is advising those using the heater to contact Rinnai to have it inspected.

Rinnai will send a gasfitter out, at no cost, to check and, if needed, fix the flue installation.

Rinnai has contacted as many customers for whom it has contact details for. However Rinnai estimates that there are still a number of customers that may have an affected combined horizontal/vertical “on wall” flue configuration.

For further details please refer to our safety alert

Date: 29/02/2024 6:01

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Reviewed 25 May 2023