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New electric line clearance regulations

The Minister for Energy and Resources has approved public release of the Regulatory Impact Statement for the proposed Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015. In the coming weeks ESV will announce a number of community consultation sessions to enable interested parties to comment on the proposed changes. Details will be posted here when finalised.  A general discussion paper will also be released later this month.

CLICK HERE to read the RIS.


Vacancy on Electric Line Clearance Consultative Committee

The Minister for Energy and Resources has announced that a position has become available for the remainder of the current term on the Electric Line Clearance Consultative Committee. The Electric Line Clearance Consultative Committee is constituted under Part 8 of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and is responsible for the provision of advice to Energy Safe Victoria on:
• The preparation and maintenance of the Code of Practice for Electric Line Clearance; and
• Any matter relating to the clearance of electric lines when referred to that Committee by the Minister or the Director of Energy Safety.
Nominations are now being sought from interested persons with environmental or planning expertise. Interested persons should apply in writing, setting out the relevant experience in their particular area of expertise to Erin O’Brien, DSDBI, PO Box 4509, 
Melbourne VIC 3001. Applications close at 4pm on Friday 17 October 2014. Further details may be obtained from Robert Skene, ESV, 9203 9737.  

Infinity and Olsent brand electrical cables recalled

ESV wishes to advise that electrical retailers and wholesalers across Australia have recalled Infinity electrical cables.

The recall relates to all sizes and configurations of TPS and Orange Round Infinity mains power cables. Olsent power cables sourced from Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd are also included.

The cable has been recalled because testing has found that it is non-compliant, with poor quality insulation that will deteriorate prematurely and may cause fires or the risk of electric shock. Consumers can click here for more information. Electricians can click here for more information.

Read the ACCC press release here

Click here to read ESV's press release

ESV releases final report into Morwell Terminal Station incident 4 April 2014

ESV has released its final report into the electrical fault at the Morwell Terminal Station on 4 April that led to a dramatic flashover and loss of supply to 80,000 customers in Gippsland.

The investigation has found that the incident was the result of a short-circuit on one phase of a 66kV powerline and that two protection systems that are designed to stop the flow of electricity in the event of a fault failed to operate. The network’s primary protection system did not operate due to an incorrect relay setting while the secondary system failed due to a faulty component.  The circumstances of the two failures are still to be determined. No link was found between the fault and the recent fire at the Hazelwood Mine.

CLICK HERE to read the final report

Bushfires Royal Commission Implementation Monitor releases annual report

The Bushfires Royal Commission Implementation Monitor, Neil Comrie, has released his annual report. In it, he says Victoria is now "in a much better state of preparedness to deal with the threat of bushfires and other natural disasters than it was on Black Saturday".  Click HERE to read it. 

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