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Our leadership team

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Our leadership team

ESV’s Corporate structure:

Commissioner and Chairperson

Marnie Williams

A former senior executive at WorkSafe and CEO of the Taxi Services Commission, Ms Williams is a Commissioner and Chairperson of the three-person Commission (Victorian Energy Safety Commission), which replaces the role of Director of Energy Safety.

  • Implement Grimes Review reforms
  • Achieve safety objectives and performance of ESV functions and exercise powers
  • Promote efficient, effective and ethical use of ESV’s resources

Commissioner and Deputy Chairperson

Michelle Groves

Prior to becoming a Commissioner of ESV, Michelle Groves was the Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Regulator for close to 15 years and previously, Director of the National Competition Council.


Sarah McDowell

Sarah McDowell was the Energy Executive Director at the Essential Services Commission (ESC) before her appointment as an ESV Commissioner. She has previously been a senior energy policy advisor to the Victorian Government.

Chief Executive Officer

Leanne Hughson

As ESV’s CEO, Leanne Hughson is responsible for the day-to-day running of Energy Safe Victoria. She will work closely with the Commission to develop and implement the strategic vision, mission and objectives for ESV, as well as form strategic partnerships with Victorian Government agencies, and other regulatory bodies.

  • ESV’s operations
  • Implementing ESV’s strategic objectives
  • Supporting the Commission
  • ESV’s regulatory transformation

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Cronin (acting)

  • Finance and Business Services
  • Communications and Marketing, and media relations
  • Information Services
  • People Services
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Diversity and inclusion

Michelle McCorkell

  • Legal
  • Regulatory policy and practices
  • Prosecution
  • Privacy, FOI and public interest disclosures
  • Governance including Commission secretariat

General Manager, Strategy, Performance and Risk

Dr Roanne Allan

  • Risk and strategy
  • Performance and improvements
  • Program management
  • Data and analytics
  • Registration of lineworkers

General Manager, Electrical Safety and Technical Regulation

Ian Burgwin

  • Electrical network infrastructure safety
  • Bushfire mitigation and line clearance
  • Electrical installations safety
  • Electrical equipment safety and approvals
  • Licensing and registration
  • Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES)
  • Complaints

General Manager, Gas and Pipeline Safety and Technical Regulation

Steve Cronin

  • Gas operations, installations and appliances
  • Licensed pipelines
  • Gas infrastructure and supply
  • Electrolysis mitigation
  • Emergency management

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