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The new LCC27 valve and connections

Information about the changes to leisure LPG cylinders and gas appliances.

  • No. Only ‘leisure’ cylinders are changing – this includes 4.5 or 9kg portable cylinders typically connected to an outdoor BBQ, outdoor appliance or caravan or boat.

  • Yes. The new valve is compatible with existing appliance connections.

  • Yes. Empty cylinders may be swapped with a full cylinder which has the correct valve needed for your gas appliance.

  • Yes.

  • From 1 October 2021, appliances with the new connection may be sold.

    There is a window of six months when appliances with either the new LCC27 or current Type 21 (POL) connection can be manufactured.

    From 1 April 2022, newly manufactured appliances must be supplied with the new LCC27 appliance connector.

    Note that requirements are not retrospective and apply to appliances manufactured after that date. Appliances manufactured prior to 1 April 2022 that have the Type 21 (POL) may still be sold and used. This includes both new and second hand appliances.

  • No. It will not be compatible.

    The new appliance will only connect to a cylinder with the new LCC27 valve and will not be able to be connected to an old cylinder valve.

    Adaptors must not be used to connect an appliance with a new connection to a cylinder with an old POL valve. Adaptors are an additional leakage risk and the change from right hand thread on the appliance LCC27 connector to left hand thread on the POL cylinder valve means tightening one side of the adapter risks creating a new leak at the other end of the adaptor.

    Partially filled cylinders can be returned to a ‘swap and go’ facility for exchange with a full cylinder with the new valve. Alternatively if you wish to keep the cylinder an LPG cylinder test station can replace the cylinder valve with a new LCC27 valve.

  • Yes. The new valve and connection can operate and deliver the gas consumption required by existing gas appliances and gas installations in caravans and boats.

  • Yes. Boats and caravans gas installations with the old connection that have a gas installation compliance certificate prior to April 2022 may still be sold and used.

    However, boats and caravans that have a gas installation compliance certificate after 1 April 2022 must have the new connection.

  • Yes. As long as you have a cylinder with the LCC27 connection.

    After 1 October 2021 a new hose assembly with a LCC27 appliance connector can be purchased that can replace your existing hose assembly. Contact the supplier or retailer to ensure the replacement hose assembly is compatible with the connection on the barbecue. Follow the supplied instructions to disconnect the POL hose assembly from the appliance and connect the new hose. Ensure the new connections are tight and are checked for leaks using soapy water.

Date: 09/12/2023 20:07

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Reviewed 29 January 2023

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