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GIS 19: Second-hand commercial catering equipment


This gas information sheet provides information about the responsibilities gasfitters and buyers have for the purchase and installation of second-hand commercial catering equipment.

Second-hand appliances, the age and condition of which can vary enormously, can be purchased at lower cost than new, which is an obvious attraction when setting up a business, and these appliances are often obtained at auction, online, or from dealers.

But some second-hand commercial catering equipment have been found to be unsafe and many appliances do not meet minimum safety requirements.

Sale of gas appliances

It is an offence under the Gas Safety Act 1997 to sell or offer to sell an unsafe appliance. Appliances being sold for installation must be safe and comply with accepted standards (Certified).

Installation requirements

AS/NZS 5601.1 Gas Installations requires all type A appliances to be certified or be acceptable to the Technical Regulator (ESV), and before a second-hand appliance is installed, the appliance must satisfy the regulator’s safety requirements.


Second-hand commercial catering appliances should show a certification number indicating that when it was new it complied with the required standard and was approved by an accepted gas certification body. If you are uncertain about whether your appliance has certification, refer to the National Database for gas appliancesExternal Link .

Failure to show proof of certification will result in gas supply being withheld.

A second-hand appliance without an approval number may never have been submitted for testing. Where it cannot be established that an appliance has been certified, or the second hand appliance has been imported, certification must be obtained through an accepted gas certification body or alternatively be accepted by ESV prior to installation.

Date: 28/09/2023 21:32

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