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Product recall notice: Swag Camper Trailers gas cooktop connecting elbow

The elbow may have extra weight put onto it as a result of the installation. If not supported, the fitting could crack, causing a gas leak.

Friday 9 February 2024 1:52am
A photograph showing a gas cooktop connecting elbow with a red circle graphic identifying where the connecting elbow is.

The ACCC has recalled the Swag Camper Trailers gas cooktop connecting elbow – noting that extra weight put onto the elbow during installation poses risk of gas leaks. Gas leaks can result in fires, explosions, serious injuries or death.

If you have this cooktop, you should stop using it immediately. Turn off the gas at the cylinder, photograph the connecting elbow and submit it to Swag through their support portalExternal Link .

For more information, read the ACCC's release hereExternal Link .

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Reviewed 09 February 2024

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