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Statement on Onsemi high bay lights

Tuesday 23 August 2022 9:56pm

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has investigated safety incidents relating to Onsemi high bay lighting products, BA-S series 100-watt and 120-watt models, involving light-fitting parts falling to the ground.

Onsemi High Bay lights (from below)
Onsemi High Bay lights (from above)

These lights are predominantly installed in commercial and industrial premises.

ESV’s investigation has not identified that the design or construction of the lights contributed to this safety issue.

The investigations looked at five incidents involving 18 lights, 14 of which were at one site.

Information from the supplier suggests that some damage to the lights may have occurred during transport or installation, which is consistent with ESV’s engineering assessments.

This situation does not meet the criteria for a recall based on energy safety legislation. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend consumers with these lights installed on their premises arrange for a qualified tradesperson to check or replace them as soon as possible. Safety is paramount, and as these are installed at height the appropriate precautions should be taken when checking the lights. If you are aware of any incidents relating to these lights please contact ESV on 1800 800 158.


Reviewed 03 February 2023

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