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Skills Maintenance

Refresher training for electrical workers in Victoria.

About Skills Maintenance

Skills maintenance training is required for all electrical licences. It takes a total of eight hours of in-person training at a specialist training centre or TAFE.

You must complete Skills Maintenance training within the two years before your licence renewal is due. Extensions of time to complete the training may be available in some circumstances.

Your training consists of roughly 60% hands-on training and 40% theory.

The training is:

  • specific to every class of licence
  • based on professionally prepared materials
  • delivered in a classroom environment at selected training centres across Victoria.

CPD Skills Maintenance helps you to:

  • keep your knowledge and skills current and relevant
  • reduce complacency
  • improve safety outcomes.

It covers matters such as licence holder's responsibilities, current regulations and standards, isolation and testing, mandatory testing methods, equipment and tools, and more.

Participants have found the training practical, easy to understand and very useful. Many also enjoyed meeting colleagues, swapping ideas and experiences and discussing the course content.

There is no 'exam' to pass at the end of your CPD Skills Maintenance session, but your trainer may highlight to you any areas where your skills could be improved.

Skills Maintenance courses for all licence classes are now available, however some of the specialist licence classes may have limited delivery.

Details on CPD training availability are constantly being updated on the Energy Safe website, or you can contact us at for any clarification.

ESVConnect and licence renewals

All licence applications, renewals of electrical licences and electrical contractor registrations must be made on ESVConnect. To find out more, visit ESVConnectExternal Link

You will receive several reminders from ESVConnect in the two years before your licence renewal is due.

You will not be excused from attending CPD training, and your licence renewal will be put at risk if either:

  • you are not registered with ESVConnect
  • your details are not current.

If you do electrical work without a current licence you are breaking the law and serious penalties apply.

Exemptions and extensions

Completing the training is required before you can renew your licence, but in certain circumstances Energy Safe may consider an extension of time for you to complete the one-day course.

The full policy for licence renewals can be found here:

CPD for renewal of electrical licences - policy v1.2External Link
PDF 188.07 KB | UPDATED: 4 JULY 2023External Link

More information on how to apply for an exemption or extension and the required forms will be released soon.

Different CPD requirements

CPD requirements vary for different classes of electrical licence. See CPD for different licence classes

What happens after you have finished your CPD?

Your training provider will advise Energy Safe that you have completed the program, and your record will be updated. Note: this may take 24 to 48 hours. You will also receive a completion email from Future Energy Skills.

Read about how you can enquire about this process – see CPD FAQs

The Skills Development program will be introduced in 2024.

Read more:

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