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Frequently asked questions about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for electricians

Understanding CPD

What is ‘CPD’?

As an electrical licence holder, you can maintain and improve your knowledge, skills, and competence with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.

It is the result of a legislative commitment by the State Government. Unions and employer groups fully support CPD.

It will include two components:

  • Skills Maintenance (available from June 2022)
  • Skills Development (available in 2024).

Skills Maintenance includes up to eight hours of classroom training delivered by professional training organisations under the guidance of Energy Safe Victoria. Licensed electrical workers must normally complete eight hours of specific training for each licence they hold.

Skills Development training requirements are still under development.

Why is CPD happening?

You need to renew electrical licences every 5 years, and pay a fee. Historically there's been no mandatory ongoing training required, or any proof of ongoing competence.

Our industry is changing. This includes:

  • Standards
  • regulations
  • improved safety practices
  • new technologies.

Without ongoing training requirements, there is a risk that electrical workers are not aware of these changes and updates.

Research shows us that licence holders:

  • may not be aware of revisions to Standards
  • may have forgotten mandatory testing requirements contained in legislation.

Poor work practices can lead to death, injuries, and fires affecting both you and your customers.

CPD helps:

  • electrical workers’ knowledge and skills to stay current and relevant
  • reduce complacency
  • improve safety outcomes.

What is 'Skills Maintenance'?

Skills Maintenance training updates, refreshes and improves your skills to fit current industry requirements. It also improves safety for workers and the community.

What is 'Skills Development'?

This training helps develop and improve your knowledge and skills in areas of interest relevant to the electrical trade.

Why make CDP mandatory?

While CPD is new for the electrical industry, it’s a very common component of any professional industry. The introduction of CPD reflects the very high safety and regulatory standards required by our modern industry.

Do I need to do separate CPD if I have more than one licence class?

Yes. If you hold a licence in more than one licence class, you will need to complete a course for each type of licence. There is little or no duplication of course material. See <CPD for different licence classes>

Do technical nominees with an REC need to do CPD?

Yes, all technical nominees working with Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) must hold a valid electrical worker’s licence — for example, an electrician’s licence — and you have to complete CPD for this licence. There are no specific extra requirements for technical nominees.

Is there an age limit on holding an electrical licence?

No, and there is also no exemption for CPD based on age. Whatever age you are, to renew a licence you must:

  • register with ESVConnect
  • complete required CPD training.

Do I need to do CDP if my supervisor or engineer job needs a licence?

If you want to renew your electrical licence and work legally, then yes. Without having attended CPD you will not be able to renew your licence.

When is Skills Maintenance training available?

Skills Maintenance courses for all licence classes are now available, but some of the specialist licence classes may have limited delivery until 2024.

We update details of training availability on this site. You can also email us at for any help you need.

Who is organising all this?

Who is in charge of CPD?

Energy Safe organises and administers CPD. Professional trainers deliver the training, supervised and aided by a wide range of industry bodies.

Was the industry involved in creating CPD course content?

Yes — an industry committee oversees the introduction of CPD. This committee includes:

  • Energy Safe Victoria
  • Electrical Trades Union (ETU)
  • National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)
  • Institute of Electrical Inspectors (IEI)
  • training experts.

Future Energy Skills (FES) has created the course content. Future Energy Skills is a not-for-profit organisation led by the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and National Electrical Communications Association (NECA). FES works with partners in these sectors:

  • electro-technology
  • renewable
  • new energy
  • electricity generation and supply.

Future Energy Skills and partners collaborate with key stakeholders within industry and the vocational education sector to provide training, assessment, and consultation services.

Deadlines and time scales

When will I need to do CPD?

Skills maintenance must be completed in the two years before your licence renewal, and it applies to everyone renewing their licences from 1 July 2023.

You must have completed the skills maintenance course to be eligible to renew your licence. Carrying out electrical work without a current licence is illegal and subject to substantial penalties.

My licence expired — what do I do to reinstate it?

You must complete CPD Skills Maintenance before reinstating your licence. There is a transitional agreement in place that may apply if you want to reinstate your licence between July 1 2023 and July 1 2024.

You can get an extension as part of applying for your licence again. This gives you extra time to complete your CPD requirements while still meeting your obligations as an electrical licence holder.

Contact us at for details.

Will we get reminded that we need to complete the training?

You will get reminded by email to complete the CPD training on time. These details are also recorded on your ESVConnect profile. You can log in and check these requirements at any stage.

All licence holders must have current contact details in ESVConnect, so Energy Safe can communicate with you. This is a legal requirement.

If you're not registered with ESVConnect, or your details are not up to date, this will not excuse you from doing CPD training, and your licence renewal will be at risk. Register with ESVConnectExternal Link

Carrying out electrical work without a current licence is illegal and subject to large penalties.

Do I have to do this once, or is it ongoing?

Ongoing. You will need to:

  • complete the Skills Maintenance course once every five years
  • also meet the Skills Development requirement every time you renew.

Do I have to do both components of CPD to renew my licence?

In the first renewal cycle (which is July 2023 to June 2028, inclusive) you will only be required to complete the Skills Maintenance course.

In the second and later renewal cycles (from July 2028 onwards) you will need to do both components.

What if I can't do the training in the two years before my renewal?

Completing the training is required before you can renew your licence. But in certain circumstances Energy Safe may consider an extension of time for you to complete the one-day course.

The full policy for licence renewals can be found here:

Find out more information on applying for an exemption or extension by emailing us on

Interstate and remote workers

I hold licences in 2 states, do I need CPD for my Victorian licence?

Yes, unless Energy Safe considers the interstate CPD is equivalent. Currently there are no equivalent interstate CPD courses.

What happens with interstate licence holders?

Energy Safe will recognise interstate CPD requirements if they are consistent with that we require. We will continue to watch interstate CPD requirements concerning this. Currently no other state or territory has a similar or equivalent CPD program.

Contact us for further advice by emailing us at

How will you deliver face-to-face CPD in remote or regional areas?

Training will be available in a range of major regional centres. See CPD training providers

Will you recognise CPD from other certifications?

Wherever we can, Energy Safe will consider training by other providers for the Skills Development component of CPD.

Contact us for further advice by emailing us at

Do I need CPD if I have an Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) licence?

No, AMR licences expire on the same day as your interstate licence, and are not renewable. CPD is not required.

On the day

How long are the courses?

Up to eight hours for each licence class you hold. The content will be approximately 60% ‘hands on’, practical learning and 40% theory.

What kind of course content does CPD include?

Skills Maintenance covers:

  • safe isolation
  • mandatory testing
  • industry changes
  • responsibilities of licensed workers.

Content will be regularly updated to ensure it is useful and current.

Skills Development will offer a wide range of courses to take into account industry changes and to enhance worker’s competence and careers.

What do I need to bring to my training?

When you go to your training, you can bring:

  • your own laptop or tablet
  • digital or paper copies of the:
    • AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules
    • AS/NZS 4836 Safe working on or near low voltage electrical installations and equipment
    • AS/NZS 3017 Electrical Installations – Verification Guidelines
    • Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 201.

If you don't bring your own laptop or tablet, a class device should be available for you to use.

If you don't bring your own digital or paper copies of the documents listed above, class copies should be available.

For practical activities, you must wear:

  • a long sleeve top
  • enclosed footwear
  • safety eye wear.

We recommend that you wear:

  • long pants
  • electrical gloves.

You are also encouraged to bring:

  • a volt/multimeter
  • a digital/analogue IR&C tester
  • a LOTO kit.

What happens if I don’t pass the course?

CPD Skills Maintenance is attendance-based only, and there is no ‘exam’ to pass. The training provider may tell you areas where they believe you could use some extra training or reading.

Are refreshments available during the course?

No. You can bring food with you, and most locations have catering facilities nearby that you can access.

Will you include ‘solar’ in this new training?

Given its increasing significance, it is likely that solar PV systems training will be a CPD Skills Development option.

Where to do your training

Where can I do the course? Who are the trainers?

Professional training providers across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will deliver the courses. It will be of a high standard, delivered under industry guidance.

See CDP training providersExternal Link

Who decides which CPD training provider you attend?

A variety of highly qualified, authorised training providers are delivering CPD. You will get the same training wherever you attend — from our perspective it doesn’t matter which provider you choose.

We prefer that you to access CPD through the provider that is most convenient for you. See CPD training providers

Can I give feedback or complain if I have an issue with the training?

All training providers have a complaints and feedback process, and in the first instance you should submit any complaints or feedback to the training provider. There will also be an opportunity for feedback by a questionnaire at the end of the course.

If your training provider is unable to satisfy your complaint, the matter should be escalated to Energy Safe by emailing us at .


I’ve renewed my licence and have a CPD extension — what now?

Now that you have renewed your licence and have been issued a CPD extension you are required to book in and complete the CPD course.

See CDP training providersExternal Link

Once this is done, this information will be forwarded to Energy Safe and the extension will be removed.

My ESVConnect profile doesn’t show I have done CPD — what do I do?

If your course was only completed recently, please allow an additional day or so for the information to feed through to ESVConnect.

If you:

  • haven’t received an email from Energy Safe confirming your course completion, please contact your training provider to follow this up
  • have received an email from Energy Safe confirming your course completion, please contact and we will update your profile.

I noted I'd finished CPD on my renewal form but got an extension anyway — what now?

Send an email to supplying:

  • the renewal case number
  • when the course was completed
  • which training provider

and we will look into this for you.

How do I enrol?

People registered with ESVConnectExternal Link will be contacted 2 years before licence renewal. This letter will include personalised course information.

Contact your preferred training provider and follow their process to book your CPD training.

Be sure you do the correct course for your licence type. You'll need to show your current licence card to prove eligibility for the course. Add your licence number when you enrol to be sure your attendance counts.

Confused? Check your current licence details on ESVConnectExternal Link or email

If you have any questions about completing your CPD training, email

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